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"Total Building Maintenance Programs"

International Corporation

With the need to keep a full time maintenance person on staff, this corporation turned to EMS to help them locate and maintain the right person to take care of the day to day building maintenance responsibilities and oversee the operations of the HVACR equipment.  This on-site position is maintained by EMS and the guidelines and responsibilities set forth by the corporation.  The job description includes daily, weekly and monthly tasks.  EMS also provides Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Inspections, has automated the facility with Automated Logic Controls for the HVAC and Outdoor Lighting Systems.

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"Service Agreement Program Success"

World Headquarters & Research & Development Facility

Long term relationship in excellent standing since 1976.  Prior to 1976, customer had lost sixteen (16) compressors on four (4) multi-zone units while being serviced by the installing contractor.  Between 1976 & 1989 no compressors were lost.  This performance led to the successful installation of a new DDC system in 1980.  In 1998 EMS implemented a $600K project that included new VAV & DDC systems.  Customer recently renewed the maintenance agreement for the twenty seventh (27th) year.

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"Internal Relations Build Business between Mechanical & Service"

Regional Healthcare Group Facilities

During an internal remodel duct build out the general contractor recommended the owner contact the EMS Service Department to look into the controls on the rooftops that the previous tenant was having problems with.  The controls problem was promptly corrected.  The customer was so pleased with the service that this account has expanded to servicing seventeen (17) healthcare centers on both sides of the Ohio/Pennsylvania borders.

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"internal Relationships Build Business between Service & Automation"

Historical Office Building

Longstanding relationship with a local property manager took the EMS Service Department to a 104 year old, 95% occupied, 8 story office building.  Once the HVAC systems were repaired and revitalized the service department invited the automation department to meet with the property management team to look into the possibility of implementing a building automation system.  The result was a fully automated 158-point historical office building overlooking the flats.

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