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VP of Service Operations

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Service Operations Manager

Service Operations 

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The service department’s focus is on two major areas, technical expertise and Customer Service. The technical side is supported primarily by Environmental Technician Training University (ETTU), the companies "in house" training program and customer service that is supported by the service technicians communication skills and customer service attitude. The first class at ETTU is a very serious session on "Customer and Journeymen Relations."

There are several "rules of thumb" that the service technicians at EMS adhere to that make them as unique as they are. They constantly strive to;

In the late eighties the senior service technicians (SST’s) developed the "Superior HVAC Service Technicians Creed", the idea was to set goal’s for themselves on how best they could serve their customer’s, their industry, fellow employee’s and their apprentices.

"The Superior HVAC Service Technicians Creed"


1.    A sense for patience

2.    A drive to acquire knowledge and the sense to share it.

3.    A sense of being for reliability, honesty and promptness.

4.    Mechanical ability and sense to constantly improve it.

5.    People skills and the ability to communicate them.

6.    A sense of pride for personal achievement and the ability to convey it.

7.    A sense for personal appearance and hygiene and the pride to leave a job site better

       than it was found.

8.    Troubleshooting skills and a concern to treat all jobs as equal without regard to size or

       state of cleanliness.

9.    A personal commitment to the continual search for professional knowledge and


10.  The ability to anticipate mechanical problems through awareness.

11.  A positive attitude about profession and associates.

12.  The ability to learn through experiences, i.e. "mistakes".

13.  A sense to "do it right the first time".

14.  The ability to handle all pressures from managers, clients and associates.

15.  A sense of economic efficiency for the client, company and one's self.

16.  Physical fitness

17.  A sense for and the ability to plan.

18.  A sense of pride for tools, equipment and transportation.

19.  The drive to continually create a safe environment for clients, associates and one's self.

20.  A sense of duty to improve our industry through sharing.

So as to assist the apprentices with trouble shooting skills they later developed The Ten Commandments of the Professional HVAC Service Technician.

The Ten Commandments of the Professional  

HVAC Service Technician


#1 KNOW that you must ALWAYS use the appropriate Safety Gear!

#2  KNOW that 95% of all unit failures is from some form of DIRT or contamination!

#3  KNOW that you must ALWAYS check the disconnect!

#4  KNOW that you must ALWAYS double check the wiring!

#5  KNOW that water freezes @ 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 degrees Centigrade!

#6  KNOW what the pressures and temperatures are!

#7  KNOW what the flows are!

#8  KNOW that, compressors don't pump liquids!

#9  KNOW what the Super Heat and Sub-cooling is!

#10  KNOW that you must look beyond the SYMPTOM to find the CAUSE!

The benefits of all of this are too numerous to mention here but the most important are satisfied customers and an extremely low warranty and call back costs. In 2001 the service department experienced, in labor hours, a warranty call back rate of .0039%, an outstanding performance by an outstanding group of people.


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